Glo Rekindled: Glo Candle Bar Co. Relaunch

Glo Rekindled: Glo Candle Bar Co. Relaunch

Hey Glo Candle family,

I hope this message finds you in a moment of peace, perhaps with a warm glow nearby.

Life has this funny way of reminding us to hit pause once in a while. I recently took some time to prioritize my mental well-being and map out my path forward—it has been a journey of introspection and growth where I spent a lot of moments questioning "how did I end up here?"

And here I am again, back here—to you it may be Glo Candle Bar Co.—to me it's home.

Let's take a step back to something that's had the biggest impact on Glo as of latelyInflation. It’s been a bit of a headache, hasn’t it? Whether you're a business owner or not, it very likely had an effect on your life. Suddenly, I found myself crunching numbers more than I ever imagined. Raising the prices of my candles to meet inflation's demand and sustain Glo. But here’s the thing—I didn’t start this journey to count dollars. It started as a hobby, a passion project— a means of self-care. It’s always been about creating moments of calm and comfort for both myself, and yours, through our candles.

Your support during our break meant the world to me. Your messages and emails were like guiding lights, urging me to come back stronger. And here we are! We’re relaunching with renewed energy and a deeper commitment to bringing you home fragrances that enhance your well-being.

There’s something about Glo Candle Bar Co. that keeps calling me back. No matter how many times I step away to recharge, I find myself drawn to this mission of spreading more love and light through our candles.

So, here’s to our relaunch—a celebration of resilience and renewal. Let’s continue to light up each other’s lives, one candle lit at a time.

With love and light

Kayla Foster
Founder, Glo Candle Bar Co.

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